Joseph Sciuto

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"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat."  ...Babe Ruth

As the beloved, hard-working general manager of a Major League Baseball team in California, "Baseball Wizard" Joe Ciotola has given his life to the sport but lost too much in the bargain. 

Joe meets Mia, a pitiful creature whose future has been written by the town's leaders, and who can't stay without making the ultimate sacrifice. 

The choices Joe and Mia make together, and the bonds they create with another woman who emerges from Joe's past, shape their lives forever, revealing the power of connections formed from the ashes of great loss.


Joe is the successful screenwriter behind a series of blockbuster movies, but his personal life is in shambles. He hasn't had a date in over eighteen years, and his relationship with the daughter he raised by himself has gone off the rails. 

Once a sweet and affectionate child, Sofia's personality changed dramatically in her early teens, and her increasingly explosive, irrational behavior has wreaked havoc on Joe's family back home in the Bronx.

Joe's grasp of what’s really important shifts from the make-believe world of the movies to the everlasting hope that we can all make a positive difference for those fighting just to live.


Hollywood. Vegas. Beverly Hills. A world of corrupt movie moguls, heartless kidnappers and girls sold into slavery by their own families.

When Nicole Tyler ditches her handlers in Las Vegas and sets out to avenge the death of her best friend, her bloody rampage threatens a powerful network of kidnappers who will stop at nothing to protect their own interests.   

Bent on toppling their illegal enterprise and determined to save her sister from becoming its latest victim...


Joe Rossetti is a marketing guru, the very best in the business. His motto is: "It's okay if I know it's a lie, as long as my target audience believes the lie and buys the product."

It's a simple maxim to live by and he has made a lot money.  But one night, standing at the bar at The Smoke House Restaurant located on the Los Angeles-Burbank border, he meets Nancy, a brilliant  mathematician with the face of a goddess,

Like a bolt of unexpected lightning, Nancy challenges everything Joe thinks he believes.


A seismic shift in Hollywood's power structure occurred during the 1980s.

Gone were the moguls and founders of the motion picture industry -- Jack L. Warner, Louis B. Mayer, Carl Laemmle, Samuel Goldwyn, and Darryl Zanuck.

The studios were being taken over by technological giants such as Sony and Panasonic, and the new owners turned to lawyers and talent agents to run their newly obtained properties.

In 1982, an aspiring young screenwriter, Nick Caggiano, moves from the Bronx to Los Angeles, hoping to find work in the industry.

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