Joseph Sciuto
Author, Political Pundit, Historian


"Joseph Sciuto and I have had many pleasant conversations about our three favorite topics, writing, Alexander Hamilton and baseball.  

Joseph is a learned scholar and great conversationalist, well-versed on the subjects of storytelling, the American Revolution, and our Founding Fathers.  

Joseph also is, besides myself, the best judge of baseball I've ever known."  

- Tom Mankiewicz, Writer/Director/Producer 
”Superman II"
"Diamonds Are Forever" 
“Man With The Golden Gun”
"Live And Let Die" 
"Hart To Hart"
“Tales From The Crypt”
Co-owner, AAA Team, Oakland Athletics, MLB

"Joseph Sciuto's witticisms keeps me in stitches. 

 And I'm a comedy writer! "

- Hal Goodman, Award-Winning Writer of 

"The Carol Burnett  Show,"
"The Tonight Show with 
 Johnny Carson"

         the annual Academy Awards telecast and

         television series starring TV legends such as         

         Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Lewis & Frank Sinatra

"Joseph Sciuto's writing and insights are really touching.  Thank you from one Bronx Boy to another."

- Larry Brezner, Producer/Manager
"Good Morning, Vietnam" 

"Little Britain" 
"The 'Burbs"  
"Throw Mama From The 
"Ride Along"

"An Evening At The Met With Robin Williams" 

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