Joseph Sciuto
Author, Political Pundit, Historian

About Joseph Sciuto

Born and raised in New York City, author and political pundit, Joseph Sciuto spent his early years listening to the vivid stories told by his grandmother, a second generation Italian-American.  

He vividly remembers listening to the great stories about his grandparents, her eighteen children, and how his grandfather and uncles were responsible for building much of the impressive Manhattan skyline, including the Empire State Building. Ever since his earliest days, Joseph loved storytelling.

Sciuto spent his summers playing basketball with teams made up of the melting pot that is "The Big Apple".  Joseph collected stories from his friends, an African-American NYPD detective, various Latino shooting stars from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba, Irish-American beat cops and other Italian-Americans.  

The rich flavor of their stories about family and heritage works its way through Sciuto's writing to this day.

Sciuto holds a degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island and certification in Film Studies from New York University.  He studied psychology, film, theater, literature and English as an undergrad, and film and history as a grad student.  

Joseph could not escape the allure of storytelling and began studying to become a novelist. To this day, he starts out every morning reading for an hour.

From classical literature to contemporary novels, Joseph's pursuit of storytelling was a passion. He received a scholarship to Loyola Marymount University to study writing and film, which caused this die-hard New Yorker to relocate to sunny Southern California where he lives today. 

Sciuto recently completed his novel, HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE, coming soon.

"Joseph Sciuto's love of storytelling is infectious", said one loyal reader in a recent interview.  "Once you read one his works, you have to read everything he writes".

-L.A. McNally
Bronx Historian

Joseph Sciuto, Historian

As a historian, Joseph Sciuto studies events, ideas, institutions, and individuals of the past. He interprets his research of events that occurred during the American Revolution, the Civil War and World Wars I and II.  

Sciuto examines written records and extrapolates information to offer a new look at at events of the past.  He relates his knowledge of these conclusions and applies those hypotheses to suggest workable theories to relate to present-day problems or situations.

Historians generally focus on a particular era and Joseph Sciuto specializes in the American Revolution, the Civil War, and WWII. Sciuto also publishes his findings on how trends repeat themselves throughout history.  Joseph's favorite area to discuss is America's Founding Fathers and Alexander Hamilton. 

Joseph Sciuto holds degrees from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, State University of New York at Stony Brook, a film studies certificate from New York University and post-graduate education from Western Governors University and Loyola Marymount.

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